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"Alexander Buffard painter of nature, its landscapes, its poppies, its flowers and its powerful monochrome all carved in a rich and generous way, this carries us in a happy and spirited universe.

A lighted oil  sculpted with a knife, with passion and energy constantly renewed, Alexandre Buffard paints beautiful color paintings and spontaneous that we appreciate.

Certainly, an artist to discover, follow and love! "

  Dominique STAL – Expert – Paris XV le 23/7/08
Diplômé de l’école du Louvre / Peinture ancienne et contemporaine
Diplômé d’ICART et de la faculté de droit d’Amiens.



The Workshop's energy...

Back from several trips abroad, Alexander is working on the Energy around us. ​​ Click here for the first paintings.

During a stay in Canada and New York this spring, Alexander met reporters to present his work and extensive discussions with gallery owners began to exhibit the works of Alexander in the U.S. and Canada. In the coming months, several trips in North America are scheduled to go ahead in this artistic project.

Already several paintings have crossed the ocean and found their new owners...

And many beautiful meetings were held with artists in New York ... Charlelie Couture, painter and musician in Chelsea, Julian Martinez Dreck, musician and DJ, JM Quincey, decorator, Bill Claps, painter Dumbo - Brooklyn, Pia Garcia, communication,.... And for everybody, the same passion in common: art, energy and passion of the City of Light: New York City ....

Alexandre is also currently working on ephemeral works of art ... composed of lights and colors which vary over time ... the white flowers turn red, blue, yellow or orange, the red poppies turn black .... You never see the same painting... According to your desires, you can compose your own work of art... To follow…

2011, … Current exhibitions

Fall 2009, Christophe Cialdella - Director General of the Millennium Opera hotel located 12 Boulevard Haussmann in Paris - and Alexander Buffard decided to make this beautiful art deco building a showcase for the creations of Alexander. The artist is currently working on achieving a series of original works for this beautiful Parisian hotel appreciated by international customers.

  Still lifes of Alexander bring a personal touch, both fresh and vibrant charm of the place. The guests will discover the artist's work in preview. The latest creations of Alexander, born of the artistic partnership, find themselves exposed on a dedicated website: A vernissage will be held in fall 2011 to present the original project.

To discover few paintings exibited in this wonderful place.... click here.

2010, …

June-July 2010 exhibition in the town of Montelimar in Provence at the invitation of the city.

Since the beginning of June, the warm, vibrant canvases of Alexander found an exhibition in the center of Madrid. The dynamism and strength of poppies landscapes have attracted Greg Coonen Director of Global Surveys agency that decided to combine the dynamism of its society.

  Global Surveys is a respected international communications agency working with major international networks around the country and corporate communications. 

Alexander's paintings are on permanent display in his gallery of Mas Bella Cortis next to his workshop. Visitors can discover in "preview" the work of Alexander.

2009,  Red Passion year…

Do you love the red color?  From 16 to 22 February 2009, Alexandre exhibits his red poppies…. Galerie Nikki Diana Marquadt, 9 Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris. Coating under the high patronage of Mr Jack Lang, former Minister of Culture.

Since summer 2008, Alexandre exhibits his paintings at the Relais Chateaux of Nans les Pins ****... The new ‘Chef’ Emmanuel Mercadier has created a magical place at the foot of the Sainte Victoire. The charm of this place compliments the cuisine inspired by Emmanuel. The canvases of Alexandre met a beautiful home with an international clientele ... And many Alexandre’s poppies  'which never fade' are taken away from their homeland: the Provence!

In 2009, Emmanuel and Alexandre intensify this beautiful artistic encounter between cooking and painting. Emmanuel has created a dessert on the theme of Poppy in honor of the paintings of Alexandre .... unique and can be enjoyed in the gourmet restaurant of Nans les Pins.

The canvases of Alexandre are still showed in a beautiful jewel place: at Relais Chateaux Villa Augusta ****. 4-star hotel, this hotel has one of the finest dining in the Drôme Provençale. Chef David Mollicone, former chef de cuisine at Le Jardin des Sens brothers Pourcel (*** Michelin) in Montpellier, found in the paintings of Alexandre the clean and bright spirit that prevails in the atmosphere of his establishment. To watch the artistic parallel between the kitchen and painting around a flower click on the poppy field below ...

Since early 2009 the company Revel promotes Alexandre art of works in Paris.

In partnership with Editions Linard, stamper renowned, Alexandre has made new prints.

The canvases of Alexandre are also in Paris VII, Avenue de Tourville at Bogatti. Poppies bloom in the beautiful heart of Paris ...

Finally, the painting webshop is also put forward as many amateurs, often distant and foreign, have been seduced by the paintings of Alexandre through this site ... Click on E-webshop to access.

In the presentation of the Artist, you will find all projects of 2009 ...

















Buffard New york

New York 2011, Chelsea...

Buffard Canada

MONTREAL 2011, Buffard at the Belgo...

new york usa buffard

New York 2010, Buffard with Charlelie C, 2 artists...


peinture buffard paris

Paris 2011, boulevard Haussmann



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coquelicot buffard pourcel

Un chef, un peintre, une fleur, une Couleur..