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Alexandre is currently working on the Poppy. This flower, red in nature, is broken in unlikely colors and unexpected materials such as glass or steel. These flowers are always worked with the material to give them a power that allows them to recognize at first glance. Alexandre’s touch is generous.

The landscapes of Provence are not forgotten. They are worked in a spontaneous way. We found all the strength and beauty of Provence’s nature through powerful and generous touches in the painting to represent or suggest, as the inspiration of the moment, the flamboyance of plants and the sensuality of curves formed by the mineral hills. Fine glazes stress the aspect of mineral horizons of the Provence. The skies are not forgotten, light sources; they are always magnified and worked with passion.

Alexandre’s palette tends towards a more minimalist .... The strength of his paintings became increasingly refined ... Alexandre is also working on a conceptual integration of still lifes in his landscapes in order to provide a new unit to his work.

Alexandre is currently working on ephemeral works of art ... composed of lights and colors which vary over time ... the white flowers turn red, blue, yellow or orange, the red poppies turn black .... You never see the same painting... According to your desires, you can compose your own work of art... To follow…

Atmosphere... create a clean spirit

A place, a room, an ambiance, .... A painting, a canevas, a work of art .... To create a unique atmosphere that you, your atmosphere ... or every detail becomes important.

Some paintings in real life...
Our thanks to Cassina and Maxalto