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The still lifes

Alexandre continues to work on the theme of the Poppy. This flower, red in nature, is broken in unlikely colors and unexpected materials such as glass or steel.

Still lifes ... A subtle mixture of several red pigments allows Alexandre’s poppies to evolve over time .... The flowers become, after a few months, slightly wrinkled as true poppies .... "still alive" .... for eternity! All shades of red are gently brought into harmony and vibrate at the option of changing light, adding to the emotion naturally from the work.

Paint, generous, carved with a knife, also defies the laws of gravity which arise from the implementation of the canvas in a surprising way...

The flowers are always treated with respect and power to give them a strong and balanced touch which makes them recognizable at first glance. Of these still lifes emerge spirit and serenity ....

On request, these paintings can be divided in large sizes or very large sizes.

The paintings from the Gallery are available for sale in the E-webshop or by query / email. .