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Red Passions...

Cooking, painting ,.... painting, cooking ... Two arts that play with shapes and colors. Matter and light for one ... textures, composition, flavor and aromas for the other ... And then, a flower, the poppy ... and a color, red color.... which will make the connection between two artists .... Quite naturally, Alexandre and David felt an artistic affinity...

The idea to compose parallel springs ... painter composed his canvas ... Chef gives the interpretation through a dish containing textures, aromas, flavors ... forms and colors of the painting ... The painting of Alexandre and the cooking of David. Two worlds of modern and minimalist designs not so distant from each other ...

Alexandre Buffard, passionate about the work of matter, always surprised by the warmth and silky nuances of all these vibrant red that make up these ephemeral poppies, like carving the subject of his paintings and playing with light ....  In front of the lens of Joseph Boito, photographer...

The painting of Alexandre and the cooking of David ... Two generous and tasty creations for the pleasure of the senses ...